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LIMS® is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).          

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LIMS® Creative Dance for CHILDREN 

Ages 2.5-4.5

Please join us for the autumn 10-Week Program.

Wednesdays @ 4pm

September 24th thru November 26th

South Oxford Space, S.O.S; Ground Floor, Studio G

138 S. Oxford Street; Brooklyn NY 11221

Tuition:  $250

Drop-In for $30

Email or call Corinne for details & questions, and 

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Corinne@limsonline.org or call 212-643-8888


 Find us at 138 South Oxford Street between Atlantic Avenue & Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY 11217; Telephone: 212-643-8888; Fax 347-422-0948


LIMS and the Laban Community Mourns the passing of Warren Lamb

Warren Lamb (1923-2014)

Born in England in 1923, Warren became a student of Rudolf Laban in 1946, after returning from duty during WWII.  He worked with Laban as he developed the “Laban-Lawrence Personal Effort Assessment.”  While studying at the Art of Movement Studio in Manchester, Warrren also performed as a professional dancer.  After Laban’s death in 1958, Lamb worked on the Effort / Shape concept and taught it to a number of students, including Irmgard Bartenieff and Judith Kestenberg.  He developed Aciton Profiling, later renamed Movement Pattern Analysis.  His most well know book remains Posture and Gesture (1965).  A recent book, Beyond Dance: Laban’s Legacy of Movement Analsysis by Eden Davies (London, Brechin Books, 2001) describes his life work; while in A Framework for Understanding Movement: My Seven Creative Concepts (London, Brechin Books, 2012) he summarizes some of his incredible work.

Karen Bradley, LIMS' executive director reminisces:

“(H)e was one of the most robust people I've ever met; somehow I believed he would just go on as he was: feisty, committed, brilliant, with an occasional twinkle in his eye. I remember one of his presentations on gender differences, where he described his research as consisting primarily of observing and analyzing in airports all over the world. I could picture him then, sitting and watching everything and everyone around him, taking it all in.

I also remember him teaching us a class in Laban-based movement, back when LIMS was on 27th St. He must have been in his 70s then, and he had more baseline flow and access to space than any of us then-young ones.

I will remember him as someone who both supported and challenged all of us to be clearer, accurate, comprehensive, and to apply our work in the world in ways that make a difference for people.”


NEW BOOK out for Laban/Bartenieff Enthusiasts

Congratulations to LIMS® Faculty Members: 
Karen Studd and Laura Cox

This is a book about human movement.  EveryBody Is A Body is a book intended for everyone, whether you are an athlete, a person who tries to avoid moving, or someone who generally gives their movement little thought.  Movement is a fundamental fact of our existence, so much so that we lose awareness of its pervasive nature. 

This book is written for the general public, but grounded in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). It is useful for anyone who is looking for a good resource for Intro to LMA classes, or any kind of course work that involves movement training in any application. 

The website is www.everybodyisabody.com

Available now at Amazon.com or at LIMS®