About LIMS®

The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS® is a non-profit educational organization, centered in New York City, with a global network of movement professionals.  Both in Manhattan and in our Brooklyn studios, we have been training movement observers, teachers, and coaches for almost forty years. Our international network includes over 1000 LIMS Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs) who apply the movement analysis work in a diverse and ever-changing world, making a difference in the way people perform, communicate, observe, learn, and negotiate. We are proud of the impact our graduates have on fields as diverse as health care, the performing arts, sports, education, diplomacy, leadership studies, and communications.

From research on how children learn in the classroom to observation of and commentary on political candidates, from a neurophysiology-based movement program for people with Parkinson's to movement-based interventions with women in remote villages, from conflict resolution to motion-capture projects, CMAs are making a profound difference globally.