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“Lims is to movement what Juilliard is to music” – Margaret Mead

The Laban community includes incredible talented and internationally recognized choreographers, dancers, actors, performers, light and set designers, theater and dance directors, critics and teachers.

These artists recognize that the road of movement calls for continuing study and experimentation. LIMS is the NY home for this community. The place where they can get in touch with the latest developments in Laban & Bartenieff theories and practices, the place where they can meet, find collaborators, experiment with people who share the same interests, and a venue to present their works of art.

LIMS’ Arts & Culture Programs and Events offer opportunities for artists who are inspired by Laban & Bartenieff to develop creative projects and present them; to experiment and discuss new findings with others who learned to look at movement carefully and creatively, and who are able to give the kind of feed-back that has the potential to drastically improve a performance work.

LIMS Arts & Culture Programs are: MOSAIC; Spring Forward; and Dance Performance Atelier Award. We are also responsible for Movement News, the online LIMS Arts&Culture Blog. 

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These programs are made possible by a generous support from The Arnhold Foundation, the collaboration of many artists and friends, and the enthusiasm of our audiences. LIMS and the Laban community are grateful to Jody and John Arnhold for their commitment to support the Arts@ LIMS.

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