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Dancer Hye-Won Hwang CMA researching spatial affinities of Korean traditional dance in the Icosahedron

MOSAIC– Annual Fall performance event dedicated to Laban and/or Bartenieff-based dance.

Performance Atelier - Career development project offering tutorials and performance opportunities for CMA choreographers and fostering collaboration with other NYC artists and arts institutions.

Spring Forward - Biannual event dedicated to the art of movement within cultural contexts




MOSAIC is the annual performing arts event presented in autumn by the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies.  As the name indicates, MOSAIC has many different facets each year. Sometimes we emphasize dance, sometimes theater or performance art, always featuring artists whose work is influenced by Rudolf Laban’s movement theories, the theoretical and philosophical basis for much of modern and post-modern dance.
MOSAIC includes movement workshops, dance performances, cutting-edge works in performance art, conferences, and book signings.

MOSAIC mirrors LIMS® and New York City’s multicultural ambiance, and exemplifies core values of our institution, presenting an inclusive perspective, a valorization of different movement dialects, and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity.

MOSAIC promotes cultural awareness through dance performance, celebrates multiculturalism through dance productions and enhances movement knowledge through dance training. MOSAIC has been possible through the generous support of the Arnhold Foundation.

LIMS® is deeply grateful to John and Jody Arnhold for promoting the Arts & LIMS®.


PERFORMANCE ATELIER is a career development project that provides free rehearsal space, mentorship and performance opportunities for selected choreographers, dancers, actors, directors, and dramaturgs who graduated from LIMS® in the past 5 years. Participants of the Atelier are encouraged to establish collaborations with NYC artists, who are invited to discuss, create and/or perform with the presenting artists.

Initiated in May 2005, the Atelier has been supporting the work of professional CMAs and NYC artists by providing an exciting environment to expand and refine the knowledge of performance and collaborative creation. Participants have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of Laban and Bartenieff's movement theories, develop a familiarity with a variety of creative processes, clarify their own style and values and reflect critically on their choices.

Dancer/Choreographer TINA VASQUEZ talks about her experience in the Performance Atelier:

" The Performance Atelier in conjunction with the Laban Movement Studies Program was not only a privilege for me to partake in, it was also fundamental to my development as a choreographer, performer and artist. Free space, where educated artists are able to converse about their work and offer each other insight about what they have seen in each others’ styles, gives artists like myself an opportunity to grow and inspire others. I have honed my skills in observing and providing feedback that works towards creating pieces that are clear and reflective of the artist’s desired theme.  The project is also open enough for artists to take chances with the work to find out what communicates well. For me specifically, the tutorials made a significant impact on my perspective on art and the world in general. Regina Miranda possesses what seems like a magical power that allows her to see someone’s soul as they move. As mystical as I make it sound, her process is the result of many years of experience with Laban Movement Analysis. After working with Regina, I have become more aware of detail in gesture, energy, and space.  She saw what I was trying to say and helped me to say it exactly as I wanted. She provided me with tools that changed the way I thought, not just the way I moved. This has not only improved my choreography, but it has also improved my communication skills with people in general. Moreover, she taught me that there is not a moment wasted; that there are only moments missed, and if I took the time to observe them, I would learn volumes about life and meaning of artistry. "


The Atelier has been maintained by the Arnhold Foundation. LIMS® deeply thanks Jody and John Arnhold for their generous support.

Donations for the expansion of the program are much needed. To become a donor for this program, please send a check to LIMS®, writing Performance Atelier in the memo. Collaborate with the development of Laban based dance in NYC! All Donations to LIMS® are tax deductible.

To participate or for more information, contact Regina Miranda , LIMS Director of Arts & Culture, at