Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) Practice Class

Somatic Series: Bartenieff Fundamentalssm Movement Class

Our BF practice class will enhance your physical and expressive capabilities on profound and subtle levels. BF consists of a series of movement sequences that enhances dynamic alignment, body connectivity and core support. All backgrounds and levels welcome.  All instructors are Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs).
You can expect to:
  • Practice the BF Basic 6 to increase your range and fluency of movement.
  • Develop your own body/mind awareness.
  • Develop movement efficiency in the activities of daily living including athletics, dance, and movement practices of all types.
  • Increase your movement choices in performance and everyday activities.

When:   Every Monday, beginning March 7 for 10-week Series.
Time:    10 - 11:15am

Eventbrite - Somatic Series: Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement

Price: $15 per class 
All our instructors are Certified Movement Analysts.
What are Bartenieff Fundamentalssm (BF) ?
Bartenieff Fundamentalssm (BF) are movement sequences designed to educate people on how to develop total body connectivity, such as gaining efficiency of movement and strengthening core muscles that together help adapt to life transitions and connect with oneself, others and the environment. Created by Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981), physical therapist, pioneer in the field off dance therapy, artist, educator, and cross-culture researcher, this body approach continues to evolve through the work of CMAs/Bartenieff Practitioners.
Using BF in innovative and precise ways, the Bartenieff Methodsm taps both kinesthetic and emotional intelligence to address human movement and enhance the abilities and capacity for change and transformation. The Method is based in a sophisticated understanding of the way human beings evolve from developmental patterns, and organize their potentials for coping and making effective relationships in the world. 

BF Practice Content:

  • Total Body Connectivity & Coordination: 9 BF Principles

  • Patterns underlying the BF Basic 6

  • Six Body Organizations and their relationship to the 6 Developmental Patterns

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology

  • Developmental patterns & BF re-patterning

  • Unfolding the BF Basic 6

  • integration of BESS with BF

  • BF Phrasing with BESS dynamics 


For more information: E-mail or call 212-643-8888