Consulting Services & Learning Center

Leading companies today realize the importance of developing leaders who can give them a competitive advantage. LIMS brings expertise in the use of Laban Movement Analysis to improving executives' effectiveness in leading and managing in challenging times.

Consulting Services for Business Teams, Groups, and Individuals

Our wide range of executive services includes:

Embodied Leadership Development
Cross-Cultural Fluency
Social Ecology in the Operational Environment
Public Speaking as Performance
Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Management
Team Development
Self-Awareness & Performance Improvement

CMAs work with professional confidentiality with clients from all walks of life.

Learning Center

Companies know that their most valuable asset is – people. LIMS has been a source for educational services to corporations and small businesses, leveraging individual and team performance for success. In addition to our services, we offer one day' workshops and tailor-made programs for groups and organizations.

Live and Virtual Conferences:  Informative and entertaining live and virtual presentations, with examples from the public sector, and multiple industries enhance executive knowledge and skills, and provide fruitful discussions and insights about the challenges individuals and teams face in daily professional interactions.

Our speakers are senior Laban Analysts. They have appeared on Good Morning America, Inside Politics, Fox and Friends, and in the Washington Post, the New York Times, New York Newsday, the Houston Chronicle, O Magazine, the New Yorker, and in media worldwide. Many are published authors of books, articles, and research studies.

Strengthening Communities of Interest

LIMS is committed to creating social value by introducing innovative solutions for societal challenges. Our team of LIMS Certified Movement Analysts uses unique observation skills and coaching practices to make direct, significant, and meaningful impacts on communities of interest. They work with community organizers, community leaders, and organizations to attend specific needs and improve performance, efficiency, and to develop the social ecology of the work environment.

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