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Movement News Fall 2012

The enclosed LIMS Movement News 2012 was our first country-focused edition. It celebrated BRAZIL, where the Laban & Bartenieff work has been used, appreciated and developed. Brazil has more than 10 CMAs and LMA/BF is included in most Performing Arts schools and universities of the country. Since 2009, Rio de Janeiro pioneered in offering a LIMS' associated "Specialization Program in the Laban/Bartenieff System" at the Angel Vianna Dance College. The Program, designed and coordinated by senior CMA Regina Miranda (Class of 1975), has been drawing attention from all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. The Program also offers the opportunity for selected candidates to enter LIMS Certification Program at a later stage. Inside this edition, in addition to the work of CMAs, you will be able to appreciate the work of some of the Specialists who graduated from this Program, and also of professionals who graduated at LABAN, in London.

We changed Movement News format. It is currently online in a Blog format to facilitate and expand communication. Your collaboration will be welcomed! Please visit us at

Movement News Fall 2012