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Simona Aronow MEd, CMA, ADTR, KMP, NCC, NCTMB has been practicing, teaching and supervising Dance/ Movement Therapy and body work for over 30 years.  A graduate of the Antioch New England Dance Therapy Program (1978) and the LIMS® Certificate program (1987), Simona weaves various threads of the LMA material into work with clients and teaching.  Using Bartenieff Fundamentalstm as a basis for training, she has worked with body workers at the Virginia School of Massage, the Greenbriar Spa and the Homestead Spa teaching clear body mechanics and helping people embody their practice. Simona has also designed courses using the Effort material to teach Quality of Touch to Massage Therapists.  In her Dance/Movement Therapy work, the Laban language is both a way of seeing clients more clearly, and a doorway through which to guide them in personal exploration and growth. Her framework is holistic, developmental, and intuitive, currently focusing on the practice of Authentic Movement. Simona has worked in psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, eating disorder units, and many holistic health venues. She has also supervised Dance/ Movement Therapy students from both Antioch University and Goucher College. Currently Simona runs a full time private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trisha Bauman CMA, has danced with some of Europe's most celebrated choreographers, including Alain Buffard, Herman Diephuis, Mathilde Monnier and Daniel Larrieu, and in New York with choreographers RoseAnne Spradlin and Vicky Shick.  A certified practitioner in Body-Mind Centering®, she is on the faculty of Moving On Center's SomAction Movement Therapy Training (NYC) and teaches dance at Trisha Brown Studio (NYC), PARTS/Rosas (Brussels), Impulstanz Festival (Vienna), Tseh Dance Festival (Moscow) and for the companies of Sasha Waltz (Berlin), Angelin Preljocaj and Philippe Decoufle (France).

Karen Kohn Bradley CMA is a LIMS® Certified Movement Analyst, and is currently the Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. She studies the nonverbal and movement behaviors of political leaders, coaches actors and dancers, writes, directs, and choreographs politically oriented performance pieces, choreographs for theatre, and researches and writes about dance education issues.  She was featured in a Malcolm Gladwell article in the New Yorker as one of the most  "prominent movement analysts". She completed a book, Rudolf Laban, focusing on Laban as a twentieth-century performance practitioner, and is currently writing Ultimate Moves: Be fluent in our other native language.

John Chanik CMA, CTT  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), Connective Tissue Therapy, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist - #107379

John has taught and worked in the fields of Movement Analysis and movement therapy extensively since 1989.  John is a Senior Faculty and Coordinator for the Yearlong Certificate Program at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York City .  He has served as faculty on the Yearlong, Modular and Intensive Programs since 1991. John has taught for Moving on Center’s Dynamic Embodiment: Somatic Movement Therapy Training program in NYC and has taught in Connective Tissue Therapy training programs given by Theresa Lamb, CMA.

John maintains a private practice in therapeutic fitness, movement coaching and Connective Tissue Techniques®.  John has worked with many different client populations from the elderly to dancers. The scope of John’s work ranges from maintaining a high level of function to managing chronic injuries and body imbalances. 

John worked as a movement therapist in neuromuscular re-patterning at Dr. Richard Bachrach’s Center for Osteopathic Medicine from 1990 - 1997. John was a movement specialist at Sports Training Institute in NYC from 1989 - 1991. John has an extensive background in modern dance and ballet and holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. John is an ardent environmentalist who enjoys hiking, gardening and biking.  John is certified in Permaculture Design and has a great interest in investigating and adopting methods for sustainable living.

Cheryl Clark CMA has been teaching dance and movement for actors since 1993. She has been teaching in the LIMS® Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies since 2003. She was certified as a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner in 2002. She has been applying LMA in a variety of applications, dance, movement for actors, and voice. She has taught workshops both in the US and abroad. She maintains a private practice integrating Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Body-Mind Centering. Past teaching affiliations include: School for Film and Television, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, Shakespeare Theater of NJ (also choreographer) and American Opera Theater.

Laura L. Cox holds a Master of Arts degree in Dance and Dance Education from New York University.  In addition to being a Certified Movement Analyst Laura is also a RSME (Registered Somatic Movement Educator) and RSMT (Registered Somatic Movement Therapist) through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.  Currently she has a private practice in movement education and specializes in re-patterning the movement of clients suffering from chronic pain or injury.  Her clients span the range from professionals in dance, sports and fitness to those with little or no movement experience.  She is a teacher of dance technique, kinesiology, and movement health and well being and has served on the faculties for New York University, The University of Nebraska, Towson University and The University of Maryland.  In addition to her private practice, she currently teaches for the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and conducts workshops and seminars in movement awareness and health in the New England area. 

Ted Erhardt MA, CMA 1985, ADTR has applied LMA in 3 contexts. He has taught the material at LIMS® and at universities and colleges for 21 years. Currently, he is on the faculty of Pratt Institute where he teaches LMA and Clinical Diagnosis in their Creative Arts Therapy program. He has been an observer in nonverbal research studies in forensic science and psychiatric medicine with Dr. Martha Davis. He has been a dance therapist in acute inpatient psychiatric units at Woodhull Hospital since 1988. His work is featured in a new film about Dance Therapy produced by the New York State Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association.

Esther Geiger CMA found her way into LMA gradually. She studied with an ex-Wigman dancer beginning in 1965, and then dabbled in Labanotation and Effort Shape in the 1970's. In 1980, Esther encountered LMA when she enrolled in the Graduate Program in Liberal Studies at Wesleyan University, majoring in Movement, and finally got around to the Weekend Certificate Program at the University of Maryland in 1998-2000.  She has intertwined LMA and yoga for 30 years, as an Iyengar Yoga practitioner, faculty member and long-time administrator at Unity Woods Yoga Center in the Washington DC area.  She has taught in LMA Modules in New York and Maryland, and is the organizer of the Washington Area CMAs (WACMA), a continuing education and networking resource for CMAs in the DC/MD/VA region.  Esther has also applied LMA to playground design, personnel administration, and audio description for dance (making dance performances accessible to people with visual impairments). 

Ellen Goldman, CMA is a founding member of the Laban Institute, and has taught Laban Movement Analysis for many years, Ellen also studied Body-Mind™  Centering, is practitioner of The Action Profile® System, and is certified in the Kestenberg Movement Profile. She has published As Others See Us: Body Movement and the Art of Successful Communication, which addresses Integrated Movement (the basis of the Action Profile® Assessment). Research with Dr. Kestenberg is now published in Geometry of Movement, Parts 1 and 2 with accompanying DVDs.  She has worked with management teams and recruitment, has develop presentations on cross-cultural style analysis based on KMP rhythms, and training material on Effort Phrase-writing. Ellen has been a guest lecturer and teacher at many universities, including Cooper Union, NYU, York University, Trinity and Baruch College. She has conducted seminars in Italy, Holland, England, Brazil, South Africa and Canada.

Jackie Hand, MA (University of Oregon), BFA (Ohio State University),  CMA, Connective Tissue Therapist, RMT, Certified teacher in  Labanotation, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  (NCTMB),  NJ certified in Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Therapy, has taught ballet, modern dance and Laban Movement Analysis for many years. She has been on the dance faculties at Emory University in Atlanta and at Gettysburg College in PA and served on the Certification Program Faculty at LIMS® for 15 years. She returned to the Certification faculty in joining the ’05 Weekend Program after a 2 year hiatus. She has also taught LMA/BF at New York University, Teacher’s College at Columbia University, in Berlin, Germany, Budapest, Hungary and at Bates Dance Festival. She was a co-chair of LIMS® Education Committee and is currently on LIMS® Special Programs faculty and will be teaching in LIMS® Certification Program Modules I and II in summer 2008 in NYC. She has a private practice in Connective Tissue Therapy and Movement Re-education and is a CranioSacral Therapy assistant for the Upledger Institute.

Cat Maguire (CMA) For the last seven years, Cat Maguire was Assistant Professor of Dance at Piedmont Virginia Community College. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University with honors in Dance and Psychology, Cat earned a Certified Movement Analyst degree from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies in NYC. For the next eight years, she was Artistic Director of Offspring Dance Company in NYC and the founder and head of the Dance Program at Drew University in Madison, NJ. While executive director of Piedmont Council of the Arts in Charlottesville, VA, Cat continued to teach, choreograph and perform throughout Central Virginia and internationally. Cat was an integral part of the development and implementation of the area of specialization degree in dance, the only such degree available from a community college in Virginia, while at PVCC. Currently, Maguire is guest teaching in and around the Charlottesville/DC area.

Karen Studd, holds an MA in Dance from University of Oregon (1983) and a CMA, Certified Movement Analyst from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute’s Seattle Program (1987). In addition Karen is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME). For twenty years she has taught in the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies Certification Programs across the United States and in Canada. She has served as a LIMS® Program Coordinator at the University of Maryland and is currently a Program Coordinator for the LIMS® Modular Programs in New York City. Internationally, she has taught the Laban/Bartenieff work in workshops in Krakow, Poland, the International Summer Dance Festival, in Poznan, Poland and has presented papers and given workshops in Brazil and Bratislava. Karen has taught in the Dance Departments of the University of Oregon, the University of Wisconsin, George Washington University and George Mason, where she is a tenured dance faculty member. A teacher of dance technique, experiential anatomy, composition and a choreographer, she is focused on adult education and personal development through movement. Although she came to the Laban work through the art of dance, Karen sees herself as movement educator, and dance as a highly specialized area of application within the larger body of knowledge that is movement itself. Her interest is in the understanding of the importance of human movement across all disciplines. She has been recently active in the observation of movement of political pundits and has been interviewed by the Washington Post newspaper and on television’s HardBall commentary with Chris Mathews.

Rachelle Palnick Tsachor, CMA, RSMT, is faculty in the modular training program, and coordinator for LIMS continuing education program for CMAs.  She teaches at the University of Iowa, where she offers Movement for Performers, an interdisciplinary class for musicians, dancers and actors , as well as Intro to Laban Movement Studies and Intro to the Alexander Technique for the Division of the Performing Arts,. Tsachor earned her B.F.A. in Dance at the Juilliard School and her Masters in Dance/Movement Research and Reconstruction at the City College of New York, where she also completed her Reconstructor and Advanced Notator training. As a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, she has been invited to give workshops and presentations in such diverse areas as Optimal Performance, Non-Verbal Communication, Kinesiology, Movement notations, Physical Characterization and Early Dance & Movement at conferences in Berkeley, Chicago, Ottawa, New York City, San Antonio, Jerusalem and Haifa in Israel, and Ghent, Belgium.

Tsachor taught Modern Dance and Movement for Actors at the City College of New York, Theatre Movement at The University of Iowa Theatre Department, Ballet at Grinnell College, and has been guest teacher at the Alvin Ailey School in New York City, Tel Hai Arts College in northern Israel and Tunghai University in Taiwan. Her publications in Labanotation include chapters in the Dover edition of Courtly Dance of the Renaissance, Gordon & Breach of London's Moving Notation and Terpsichore 1450-1900, published by the Institute for Historical Dance Practice in Belgium. Her reconstruction of Nido d'Amore was commissioned as the basis for the instructional video How to Dance through Time Volume III: The Majesty of Renaissance Dance for Dancetime Publications in California. As associate editor, Tsachor recently published a scholarly facsimile edition of a French manuscript on English country dance, Dances for the Sun King: André Lorin’s Livre de Contredance, [c. 1685-1687] published by the Colonial Music Institute.

A Registered Somatic Movement Therapist since 2000, and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, Tsachor works in the Iowa City area as a movement therapist and educator. She was board certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and is a certified member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Alexander Technique International and the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association and is a member of the Association of Theatre Movement Educators.