Special Events


2016 LIMS Spring Forward 



March 11th & 12th from 12pm to 5 pm

At ONE Art Space, 23 Warren Street, Tribeca, NYC (Subway to Chambers)

scores+traces was an interdisciplinary media art exhibition, presented in partnership with the movingstories projec and curated by LIMS' Director of Arts & Culture Regina Miranda. The performance exhibition presented works by more than 20 international artists whose creative practice challenges conventional understanding of movement, perception, body and computation. 


MOSAIC @ Crossing Boundaries
10th Anniversary
September 24th, 2013

Regina Miranda, LIMS' CEO/ Director of Arts & Culture and MOSAIC Curator since 2003, highlighted the 147 artists that participated in the event during its first 10 years, thanked the partnership of Crossing Boundaries' curator Marcia Monroe, and the generous support of the Arnhold Foundation. The night included the presentation of the following choreographers:

RICHARD HAISMA, CMA, is Director of Geomantics Dance Theater in Rochester, NY.  A member of  the Murray Louis Dance Company in the 1970s, he toured  his own solo  choreography in the 1980s and 90s throughout Europe and the United States. He has been Guest Artist with the Dublin Dance Theatre (Ireland), the Laban Centre (London), York University, Salem State College, Kansas State University and SUNY/Potsdam. Since 1981, he has been invited yearly to teach contemporary dance and Laban Movement Analysis  in cities throughout Italy, where in 2002 he established the first Laban Certification Program.  

ELLEN GOLDMAN is Laban Movement Analyst, a Kestenberg Movement Analyst, an Action Profile System Practitioner and Trainer. Originally, as a dancer and choreographer, Ellen helped found the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. Teaching at LIMS, applying the Kestenberg Movement Profile and the Action Profile Analysis of decision-making, remain her primary focus. This work has lead to the publication of two books, AS OTHERS SEE US, about Integrated Movement in everyday life, and THE GEOMETRY OF MOVEMENT, about the meaning of Scales.  She is grateful for this opportunity to present Jitterbug-Live.

BALA SARASVATI (aka Shelley Shepherd) is a CMA, Jane Willson Professor in the Arts at The University of Georgia and Artistic Director of CORE Concert Contemporary and Aerial Dance Company. She has served on the faculty for LIMS, and currently Universidad Nacional Graduate Dance Program, Heredia, CR. Bala has presented Laban/Bartenieff based classes and dances throughout the US and China, and in Australia, Canada, France, UK, Brazil and Taiwan. In addition, at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival, ACDFA Galas, CORD, NDEO, LIMS and WDA events.

CLAIRE PORTER of Claire Porter / PORTABLES  is a writer, dancer and choreographer with an extensive record of performances in Europe, Asia and in the USA. Porter is a Guggenheim Fellow 2013 and has received National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowships, New Jersey State Council on the Arts Choreography Fellowships and Mid-Atlantic Choreography Fellowships. She has received many university commissions for her work most recently Out of The Question for Purchase College. Porter has an MA in Dance from Ohio State, a BA in Mathematics, and is a Laban Movement Analyst certified by the Laban/Bartenieff Institute, LIMS®.  


Successful Communication in the Corporate World 

Virginia Reed and Fran Parker shared their work in the corporate world.  In this live event, Fran interviewed Virginia about the secrets of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), a system used by hundreds around the world for understanding cross-cultural, ethnographic,  performative, and presentational style and communications.  Virginia and Fran discussed how they use their LMA training and studies in Bartenieff  Fundamentals sm(BF) to enhance  clients’ careers at Fortune-500 Companies.  This event was restricted to CMAs interested in the application of LMA/BF in the corporate world.


Virginia Reed was the President of the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS®, until she passed away, in 2015. She was a corporate consultant with a specialty in presence, image, and cultural communication styles. She used LMA to help corporate workers adapt to a changing world, to find and develop new skills, and to become more aware of cultural differences in the workplace. Virginia often worked with women from other cultures, coaching them to adapt and lead within corporate hierarchies.


Virginia was a faculty member of Pratt University and lectured worldwide on the topic of body language: "Not what you say but how you say it!" She has keynoted many conferences in the medical arts and corporate fields.  She was also the host of “A Woman’s Perspective” on Progressive Radio Network (Go to PRN.com).

 Virginia placed 1st female race walker in two marathons, London and San Francisco. Dancing was her lifeline and theatre improvisation, both player and director, run a close second.


Fran Parker- Executive Coach/LIMS' CMA/LCSW is an internationally recognized communication specialist, working as an executive coach for the past eight years at JPMorgan Chase and other organizations. Fran’s breadth of experience encompasses coaching individuals, working to develop teams, and presenting seminars in client facing interaction, presentation skills, stress reduction, accent training and leadership presence.  She has been a key contributor to the Career Advancement Program at JPMorgan Chase, working to advance the careers of top talent women and minority candidates.

Fran is a founding board and faculty member of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies,LIMS® and worked closely with Irmgard Bartenieff developing and teaching Bartenieff Fundamentals.  She has also been on the board of C.G. Jung Foundation, New York.

Prior to receiving her Masters of Social Work degree from Fordham University, she received an MA from New York University in Dance and Movement Analysis.



An Integrated Approach to Voice and Speech Training Through Laban’s Lens 

Barbara Adrian is the author of Actor Training the Laban Way: An Integrated Approach to Voice Speech, and Movement (New York: Allworth Press) and is a Professor of Theatre Arts at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Ms. Adrian holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Brooklyn College and is a LIMS' CMA in Laban Movement Analysis. In addition to teaching and writing, Ms. Adrian freelances as a dialogue/dialect and movement coach in regional and New York theatres. For the past seven years, Ms. Adrian has been the Resident Voice and Speech coach for New YorkClassical Theatre under the artistic direction of Stephen Burdman. Additional selected credits include coaching theatre productions at the Tony award-winning regional theatre, American Repertory Theatre, as well as working with Tony award-winning actress Cherry Jones, Tony nominated director, Elizabeth Swados, Tony award-winning playwright David Rabe, and noted television and film actors such as Annabella Schiorra and Christopher Lloyd.
This workshop was an experiential application of LMA to training the muscles for functional and expressive use of your voice and speech. During individual and group explorations, the participants will experience the interplay among Shape, Effort, and Space applied to breath, voice, and speech integrated with the whole body.
       The term “voice” encompasses how the body creates vocal resonance that fills and penetrates space thus expanding the definition of “kinesphere” to include the concept of “vocal kinesphere.” The term “speech” refers to how the articulators of the mouth shape the vocal resonance into precise recognizable sounds that ultimately lead to explicit sense.
       The communicative possibilities of vocal resonance and speech are easily enhanced through explorations of Shape and Effort. Therefore, during exercises that highlight Shape and progress to explorations of Effort, the participants will experiment with their vocal resonance and speech as tools for affecting others while allowing their bodies to respond to what is seen and heard. This workshop culminates with an exploration of how the inclusion of voice/speech explorations with a few of Laban’s scales affect communication with others and closes the gap between our perceptions of our “inner state” (emotional/psychological) and “outer” (environs) world. 
      Ultimately, the goal of this workshop was to radiate both the emotional content (implicit) and precise (explicit) meaning three-dimensionally through the expressive use of breath, vocal resonance, speech, and movement. The inclusion of the whole body in the task of creating implicit and explicit meaning is meant to tickle the imaginations of the participants to discover the unity between the articulation of the body and the articulation of speech.